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Galactic Map

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Galactic Map

Post by Evil Person on Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:35 pm

Map Colored for each planet owned by each race
Unmarked Planets Are Uninhabited

Travel Times:
Deep Core - Alpha Quadrent (4 Days)
Deep Core - Beta Quadrent (2 Days)
Deep Core - Gamma Quadrent (5 Days)
Deep Core - Delta Quadrent (3 Days)
Gamma Quadrent - Delta Quadrent (2 Days)
Gamma Quadrent - Cardassian DMZ (1 Day)
Alpha Quadrent - Cardassian DMZ (1 Day)
Alpha Quadrent - Romulen Neutral Zone (2 Days)
Alpha Quadrent - Beta Quadrent (4 Days)
Beta Quadrent - Romulen Neutral Zone (1 Day)
Beta Quadrent - Delta Quadrent (2 Days)

Byanus - Quatal Prime (4 Days)
Atbar Prime - Praxillus (2 Days)
Talax - Rinax (1 Day)
Juri IV - Dosi (4 Days)
Yaldera Prime - Yaldera II (1 Day)
Founders Homeworld - Krenim Prime (2 Days)
Belos - Krenim Prime (4 days)

Delta Wormhole (1 Day)
Bajor Wormhole (1 Day)

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