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Post by Evil Person on Wed Apr 14, 2010 6:21 pm

Argo Jeep
Class: Light
Ownership: Federation
Attack: 20
Hull: 200
Armor: 200
Passengers: 4
Cost: 10,000
Build Time: 1 Day

Cardassian Skimmer
Owenership: Cardassians/Vaaduar
Class: Light
Attack: 40
Hull: 200
Armoir: 200
Passengers: 10
Cost: 12,000
Build Time: 2 Days

Klingon: Knoh'kal
Ownership: Klingon/romulans
Attack: 350
Armor: 200
Hull: 200
Passengers: 8
Cost: 12,000
Build Time: 1 Day

Cardassian: Vedelan Vehicle
Ownership: Cardassians/Vaaduar
Attack: 500
Armor: 120
Hull: 150
Passengers: 4
Cost: 15,000
Build Time: 0.5 Days

Ownership: All
Attack: (Must equip them a weapon)
Armor: 100
Heath: 100
Cost: 100
Train Time: 1 Hour

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