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Geniral Rules

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Geniral Rules

Post by Evil Person on Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:44 pm

Basic Rules Part 1 (part 2 will be in post number 2, i will only make a part 2 if i need to)

No Spamming: this means dont post a message that can be classified under "LALALALALALA SPAM" OK, there is a place for that, that is the chat box and on AOL.

No Godmodding: this means dont post this "i use my ultra powers to blow up your ship" No cant do that, try that on a starwars RPG when you have the force

No Ubering: Basically read the above rule

No Off Topicing: Dont go off topic

No Posting so many times it makes my head spin: dont poast 10 times in a row during a battle

No Necroing: Dont post in a thred that has not been posted in for 2+ months, with the acception of Combat if you have been away and enrollment, and production.

MUST READ ALL RULES BEFORE POSTING, I CAN TELL IF YOU DONT, TRUST ME, ALSO IF I FIND OUT YOU DIDDNT, IF YOU DONT THERE WILL BE PUNISHMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, well not that bad i will make it so you can only read the rules then i will quiz you on them, and it is a long quiz, with a super long question that needs 500 words in it.

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