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Role Playing Guide

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Role Playing Guide

Post by Evil Person on Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:19 pm

This is a guide to roleplaying......

Well, ummmmm.......this will be a long paragraph of Words, so this is version one, the short version. Version one is for People that dont like to read the rules, and people who have played rp games before, VERSION TWO WILL COME WHEN MY SHIFT KEY STOPS STICKing, oh there it goes....anyway, it will probibly start sticking agAIN SO OH.....ANYWAy, there we go.

Role Playing Guide Version 1.0 (The Best there is)

1.0 Intorduction
In this couse you will learn the basics of role playing games, this version is for people that dont like to read the rules and people that have played role playing games before. Anyway, for role playing it is generaly fun to have a charictor that is totaly difforent from your real personality, and dont use your real name either, I never use my real name. Anyway make your charictor have feelings, express yourself. But dont get yourself killed, you can die in this rpg.

1.1 Names
In this part of version 1 you will get some Username/charictor name help,
I generally like to stick to the same user/charictor names, I have a list i go through everytime my charictor dies, i generally use, Vargo Canplo, Locutus, Willice, Willice Jr., And Martok, in that order. By then the site usually restarts and i can use the names again. Anyway choose a few names that you like, not your real name, and put them in a list, then everytime your charictor dies, choose a new name from that list. BTW dont steal my names. Anyway dont use the names of people in star trek (I.E. Captain Picard, James T. Kirk, that is called copyright infigment, well not really since this is fan based, but still, it takes the fun out of it.)

1.2 Personality
Use your real personality, make a fake one, dont be mean, unless you are an evil charictor, i dont really care, but dont be mean to me when Out Of Charictor.

1.3 Creating a New Player and playing the game
Well this is always fun, i like to make my person exotic, make them out of the ordinary. Anyway it is sometimes nice to find another charictor that might be interested in making a backround story with you, like you are the son/daughter of them, but were abducted at the age of 2 months, and you know hate them, like on starwars, "LUKE, I AM YOU FATHER" Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil It can add a twist later in the game, i also like doing things that dont directly have an impact on the current game, but could have an affect later, or not, Like getting involved with someone, or getting into mortal combat and creating a galactic incident. Anyway it is also fun to post what your charictor is doing. it helps to do this *Action* -V- Comm system -V- -R- Radio -R- "Speech" Though a good writer, or someone who writes good stories may like to post it however they want, like this:

It is raining and Janet is staing on his doorsetp speeking to bill "Oh, Bill, why....why are you doing this Bill just looks at here and says epicly "Because i am in love with Jill"

I know it is not the best but i am not the best writer, but it is an example

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