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To Take Over a faction

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To Take Over a faction

Post by Evil Person on Sun May 02, 2010 12:29 pm

To take over a faction, you capture the capital AND kill all members.

If all members are not killed, then you must capture each planet indevidually

To take over a faction, you must capture each planet individually, if all members are killed, the faction is to be left alone untill new members join, a faction is not dead untill all ships are destroyed, all planets are captured, and all Members Killed. To capture a ship, you must disable the ships shields, then transport over a superior force to the occupant abored the ship. Your force must have a weapon of some sort, and if there are no occupents abored the ship, or they are all killed, you must wait 4 hours before you can claim the ship......if the Faction comes to claim there ship within that time, the ship must wait another 4 hours before the ship can be claimed again.

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